Tree Planting Record in 2019

Waste Management

Bogor is now in state of waste emergency, and it is imperative for every business player to partake in solving this issue. Here in Inagro, we create our contribution through the integrated system of our internal waste management. We have strict regulation to sort our waste accordingly and responsibly process the afterlife of our waste.

Waste Sorting

The foremost important aspect of waste management is waste sorting itself. Practicing waste sorting is simple but hard to apply. The root cause is due to the habitual and lack of awareness of the impact it has on our planet. To encourage our own team member, Inagro conduct weekly Friday socialization about the importance of waste sorting.


Most of our agricultural waste like fallen leaves are processed through composting. Composting is an environmentally and economically beneficial cycle. Not only it omits most of the waste generated, but the end product can be used internally for adding nutrients to our plants in Inagro.

Black Soldier Fly

Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) plays an integral role in our food waste processing. The larvae of BSF can convert 1KG of waste within 24 hour into larvae and residue rich in nutrients for plants and animals.

Sustainable Land Practice

Organic Pesticide

The use of chemical pesticide in agriculture practice is detrimental to human health and environment. Knowing this fact, we specifically use organic pesticide in our land to be inclusive with our value.

Zero Waste Act

Bring Your Own Tumbler

Here in Inagro, it is a necessity for our staff and customers to bring their own water bottle to reduce our plastic waste. We provide free water refill in every buildings and tourist sites.

No Plastic Zone

People buy packaged foods on a daily basis, it is inevitable, and this results in mounting waste, especially plastics. Our strategies to tackle this is by having strict regulation to stop plastic bags usage.

Reusable Lunch Boxes

To reduce waste generated from conventional cartons and plastic lunch boxes, we replace it into reusable lunch boxes to stay true to our values.